The members of Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl all started their careers at the University of Innsbruck and have been involved in research and teaching for many years. You will profit from our considerable experience in the conduct and management of research projects as well as from our international connections within the scientific community. Find out more about our research focuses, the broad range of our publications or other activities such as the curating and academic management of exhibition projects and the collaboration in the development of didactic tools or film projects.

Historical Sciences

Whether you need help in complex, on-site source research, transcriptions of historical documents or literature research die HISTORIKERinnen are glad to support you in successfully accomplishing your objectives. In the course of our long-term research activities we have gained an excellent insight into the archival landscape of the Tyrol, South Tyrol and Vorarlberg. By using our know-how you will avoid long journeys, inconvenient archive visits and time-consuming research activities. Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl also offer their services to academic project partners, such as Leader, Interreg or others.


Our team at Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl provide individual consulting on the following services.

Contract Research

Due to our deep knowledge of the complex archive situation in the Tyrol, South Tyrol and Vorarlberg we are able to provide professional support in your research. We take on contracts for the inspection of archival sources or the identification of relevant holdings, which you may then analyse in the original or in photocopies. Of course we are also willing to conduct comprehensive research activities in the various regional archives.

Source Transcripts

Have you found historical documents and are looking for a state-of-the-art transcript? Are you short on time and want to outsource the time-consuming transcription of historical sources? We offer high-quality and immediate transcripts of source texts dating from the 16th to the 20th century.

Literature Research

We also support you in your research on secondary literature! We compile bibliographies according to the state-of-the-art, search for printed historical texts, or view regional newspapers and journals on your behalf.

Scientific Translations and Proofreading

Science is increasingly international! However, many scholars are stretched to their linguistic and time limits when writing an English paper. As a bilingual scholar, Marina Hilber proves to be a competent and experienced contact for English-language translations of any kind.


Have you written a scholarly abstract, a lecture, a project proposal, a book- or journal contribution and need someone to check your text for spelling, grammar or typing mistakes? We offer immediate and reliable proofreading of English texts.

Copy Editing

Scientific copy editing offers more than a mere check on linguistic accuracy. Besides linguistic and stylistic optimisation we review your text considering the consistency and comprehensibility of content and structural logic. Relevant experience makes us the right choice for a competent scholarly editing. 

Scientific Translations German – English

If your English skills do not suffice to express your ideas and scholarly findings adequately, Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl will provide competent translation services focussing on historical contexts.

Scientific Translations English – German

Does the scientific literature you rely on only exist in the original language (German/English)? Never mind, we are happy to translate articles or transcribe and translate English-language sources for you.