Company histories are precious – do not let them lie idle! 
Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl will show you possibilities of how to use your history with profitable success.

Corporate History

History is an important part of corporate and brand communication. History has the potential of creating corporate identity, of motivating employees and supporting marketing concepts. Besides, history promotes corporate culture. Therefore, it is important to entrust professionals with such an important task. Die HISTORIKERinnen support you from preliminary research to the finished product and beyond, in order to let your history work for you and your company!


From draft to finished product!

The team of Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl offer individual solutions rather than prefabricated products.
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Setup of company archive, external archive supervision

Not every company needs an archivist of its own! Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl provide external archive supervision, reaching from the setup of your archive (appraisal, arranging and describing records etc.) to professional support on a long-term basis or even the historical analysis of the holdings.

Your company archive is of vital importance: not only does it preserve history; through the retention of records or contracts it also ensures legal security. Archives provide material to be used successfully in history marketing as well as for means of internal and external corporate communication. You still do not possess a structured archive? We are happy to support your archive setup!

Corporate History | Corporate Communication

Every company has a unique history. Your history forms a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competitors. Let your history become part of your corporate culture and use it for your own profit. You will certainly gain positive feedback from within your company but also from the public. Let people know about your founding history, present initial products and introduce the public to your first employees. Those are just a few ideas of presenting the development and expansion of your business from the early days to the present. Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl support you in successfully communicating your history.

Staff Motivation| Loyalty

There are many ways of motivating your employees and increasing team spirit. The knowledge of a company’s history is definitely one of those ways. Acknowledging the modest beginnings of a company and its development up to the present state creates the feeling of being part of a greater whole. The more you identify with your company and see yourself as a vital part of its (success) history, the more important the individual’s contribution becomes.

Do you have a high proportion of staff fluctuation? Especially highly qualified employees are often more mobile and choose their workplace according to their job satisfaction. By laying special emphasis on a distinctive, historically aware corporate culture you will help your employees to strike roots.


Besides preserving and writing your corporate history we also offer various presentation formats in order to convey history in the course of jubilees, or in advanced training modules on corporate identity. According to your wishes the history of your company can also be set in a broader historical framework. Historical industry development, precursor technologies, history of technology, historical professions, regional and state framework conditions or the evaluation of your company in a globalised world are only some of the aspects that could be of interest.

Mini-Exhibitions for Representation Purposes

Do you have empty space in your lobby, which you would like to use for representation purposes?
We are glad to create a mini-exhibition that will present the history of your company on only a few square metres. Objects, photos, graphical or audio-visual elements as well as short texts can all be used to design an informative and compact mini-exhibition. Besides your individual wishes and ideas we will also take the spacial situation, lighting, fire safety regulations etc. into account.



History Marketing

The history of a company is an important, though way to often underestimated resource. It can be utilised to promote brand establishment or to create a positive corporate image. Take advantage of your history and let history marketing contribute to the success of your business. It can be of vital interest, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, to make oneself and one’s products stand out from the crowd of competitors. Using your corporate history for marketing means will contribute to a positive public image.

Those who do not have a past, do not have a future

Companies who successfully communicate their traditions have increasingly positive image profiles. Tradition implies credibility, authenticity, competence, familiarity, reliability, popularity and creates trust in a positive future of the company or brand. Let Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl elaborate a concept for the history marketing of your company that involves more than the usual historical backing in the course of the celebration of company jubilees. We will show you how to profit from your past!

We will educate you!

History Marketing is a medium- to long-term process, which involves and combines various measures. Get Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl to present the potential and ideas of history marketing in an in-house seminar! You can only benefit from your history if it is known and cleverly employed. We provide professional support!