Tourism is of indisputable economic importance in the Tyrol, South Tyrol and Vorarlberg. Tourism has become the topic of market-based studies and numerous strategic papers aim at reinforcing the regional and local tourist industry. However, it is often overlooked that tourism also has a specific history that can be used as a profitable resource. Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl see much potential in connecting tourism- and leisure industries with their history. As tourists are increasingly interested in the culture and history of their holiday destination, we would enjoy developing offers for the hotel industry, touristic infrastructure and destinations, putting our productive ideas into action.

Hotel Industry

History provides your business with a unique selling proposition! Do not let it lie idle.


Let yourself be inspired. “Story telling” creates an additional value for your hospitality business. We concisely relate the history of your company. No matter if you want to enrich your menu with the flavour of a historical text, supplement your lobby with some historical aspects, embellish your underground car park or your guestrooms with historical scenes, Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl succeed in staging your history. We may also conduct research on your family tree, develop creative mini-exhibitions and reconstruct the history of your property.

Professional Development

We offer two seminars for the hospitality industry and tourism associations. The training course “How to make effective use of history in tourism?” informs you about the possibilities of History Marketing, especially regarding the tourism industry. In a second training course our main focus is the history of tourism in the Alps. The intensive discussion of the touristic past in the alpine area can provide you with creative possibilities for shaping your future. Our advanced training offers are directed at hoteliers, professional associations, alpine clubs and touristic cooperation groups.

Touristic Infrastructure

Ropeways celebrate their jubilees; touristic venues such as golf courses, theme parks or nature reserves have unique histories that are often closely linked to the regional and trans-regional cultural and economic history. We conduct research on your behalf and develop appealing communication formats for the interested public. 


We also develop ideas for the establishment of novel touristic infrastructure. Old cart paths, for instance, can be re-enacted as educational trails. Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl conduct research on historical travel- and landscape descriptions, write culturally inspired hiking guides or design display boards at places of remembrance.   


Destination Development Support

Commercial success in the development of destinations depends on various factors. Die HISTORIKERinnen contribute their historical skills in order to develop prolific concepts on your behalf, which often build upon local and regional traditions. As historians with both an economic and medical historical background we are your partners in the growing field of health and wellness tourism, spas and sanitariums. Such venues combine the past and the future in previously unimagined ways. Brand strength and specialised marketing strongly benefit from historical knowledge.

Consulting and Contract Research

We also take action in the development of sustainable, touristic models on a regional and trans-regional level. Our historical skills may contribute to the revitalisation of aged leisure and holiday destinations. Are you looking for alternative, modern ideas of reviving holiday styles from bygone days? Contact us for a complimentary consulting interview!

We are also happy to support you with historical contract research for Interreg- and Leader-Projects, for destinations, communities and tourism associations.