History Consulting

History Consulting is an emerging field. There is an increasing demand for professional historical consulting. Our team succeeds in answering queries from the film industry, cultural institutions such as museums and companies or from economy and politics both flexibly and on short notice. We contribute our skills to the success of your historical project. Individual consulting is our top-priority. Get to know our special offers for filmmakers and authors as well as for economy and politics. 

Consulting for historical film- and documentary film productions, authors and script writers


You put history on the screen or want to write an authentic historical novel? Historical film productions are booming and are often staged in the Alps. If the country and its history are more to you than mere scenery, Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl are your perfect fit: we support authors, script writers, TV- and film producers in authentically and adequately conveying a certain period of time, an event or a location in all its historical facets. Our background as social- and economic historians with research priorities in agricultural history, medical history, women’s history and the history of mentalities makes us experts in various historical details such as language, cultural context of an era or the historical scopes of action and perception of its protagonists. We can help you to avoid mistakes and present your stories vividly. 

Consulting Interview

Does authenticity represent a high value to you? We offer individual historical consulting for film and literary projects. Our services range from simple authenticity checks of individual scenes or entire scripts to a comprehensive consulting service for film productions or literary works, including thorough research and possible ideas for historically sufficient alternatives. You will receive a non-committal quote on the basis of our consulting interview.


Quality and intensity of research for film and literary projects can vary widely. As a team of historians, combining various hard and soft skills, we provide you with a representative selection of specialist literature on your topic, look for historical photographies, films or documents and can even trace authentic material sources for your collection of props. Do not hesitate to contact us for intensive and time consuming research!

Advisory Opinion

We offer historical opinions on your manuscript, film script or the chosen location and verify the authenticity of your historical portrayal. Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl are constantly endeavouring to ensure constructive cooperation.

Consulting for economy and politics


Strategic planning is a key issue in politics and economy. Die HISTORIKERinnen may support you in developing middle- and long-term perspectives for the future. Our historical knowledge, especially of the most recent past, enables us to better understand current affairs and to plan for the near future.

Consulting Interview

Our team holds historical and political expertise in order to develop economic and social models. We interpret socially relevant issues in their historical dimension. Without thorough knowledge of our past your plans may be at risk of ignoring people’s needs. Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl take actions on your behalf.    

Review of National Socialist Legacy

Companies, clubs and communities in the Tyrol, South Tyrol and Vorarlberg as well as public or semi-public institutions are faced with an increasing pressure of coming to terms with their history during the national socialist era. Especially profits through the use of forced labour in industry and agriculture or through expropriation or the lack of restitution have aroused public interest.

The social attitude towards our national socialist past has changed over the last years: instead of hiding, concealing and turning a blind eye on this precarious period, an active accounting for our past is increasingly demanded. The sooner such disputed topics are addressed – preferably even before they gain public interest – the more authentic the wish to deal with the down sides of one’s own history will be perceived.

Gerhard Siegl, founding member of our team at Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl is a renowned expert on the history of National Socialism. He will supply you with profound, sensitive and balanced historical analyses.