Our Offer

We regard ourselves as historical service providers.
Whenever you may have questions on the past, we are the right choice.

Our services are addressed to individuals, companies, communities, associations, tourist boards and academic scholars. We engage in consulting, research, conceptual work, text writing, editing of books, brochures and leaflets as well as the creative development of “mini exhibitions”. We support film projects, investigate your family history or farmstead and building histories
and we author jubilee books for your community. Besides company history we also supply your company with individual concepts in the field of history marketing, corporate communication and staff motivation. Furthermore, our portfolio comprises transcriptions of historical texts, indexing and contextualisation of historical records as well as the supervision of your archives. We accompany and moderate historical workshops in communities and other institutions and support scholars through consulting, research, editing and specialised English language translations. We present our products vividly, offering audio-visually supported lectures, print editions in various formats, through small exhibitions such as displays in show cases or on your homepage.

The professional experience of Heidegger, Hilber und Siegl is reflected in our portfolio. We accompany you from the first consulting to the finished product and put special emphasis on personal support. We offer you individual solutions rather than prefabricated products or text modules.


Find a detailed description of our portfolio here.